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February 12, 2008

Love me! or leave me alone: 

anti-Valentine's Day exhibition

February 8-14, 2008
​Reception: Friday, February 14, 7pm-9pm
The Artel Arts Accommodation & Venue, Kingston, Canada​

Gjen Snider (Jenn Snider Cruise), Artist-Curator

Jeff Barbeau, Lisa Visser and Ayaz Kamani as the Semi-Precious Promises collective; ​and work by Darryl Bank, Kari Cwynar, Michael Davidge, Jared McKay, Benjamin Nelson, Lynette Johnston, Paul Saulnier, Rebecca Soudant, Greg Tilson, and Amy Uyeda (all Kingston, ON)

An anti-Valentine’s day card exhibit sure to sooth heartache & pains in the ass…

Handmade cards of all shapes and sizes

Attend the LOVE BITES reception, Valentine’s Day 7-9pm, where bleeding hearts and broken dreams will be served on a bed of pink meringue.

The ’semi-precious promises’ collective composed of mega-crushes Jeff Barbeau, Lisa Visser and Ayaz Kamani will launch their new zine at the LOVE BITES reception. The zine of writing and drawings also includes a compilation of surveys the trio conducted in the fall about being in love and being heartbroken, editions will be available for sale as part of Love me! or Leave me alone exhibition.

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