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Once Removed 

A group exhibition on silence:

paper-based remains and hereafters

March 15 - April 22 2006
​Reception: Friday, February 14, 7pm-9pm
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, Canada​

Gjen Snider (Jenn Snider Cruise), Curator


Gail Bourgeois (Gatineau QC), Linda Carreiro (Calgary AB), Lindsay Fisher (Kingston ON), Kristiina Lahde (Toronto ON), Deborah Margo (Ottawa ON),
and Darren Wershler-Henry (Toronto ON)


​​Once Removed studies the objectification of lingering silences. Exclusive to paper-based works in sculpture, printmaking, drawing and installation, the material exemplifies the disposition of the theme in its temporality and inherent condition of fragility… silence.

Making the most of their familiarity, the artists present works that intersect the relationship between that which has been removed and its revisitation, endeavoring in some cases to reconstruct.

With Bourgeios’s studies of dormancy within urban design, narrative in presentation as multi-panel drawings, and Carreiro’s charred paper letters strung together as the last remnants of confrontation, reminding us of resistance to the most intimate of power-struggles; with Fisher’s revision of trauma seeking unification, and Margo’s anti-monument to purged and intermingled stories of the health-care system; with Lahde’s portrayal of lost digital labour found, and Wershler-Henry’s homage to late author Kathy Acker... Once Removed seeks to identify a recessed dimension or ephemeral interval between an action and its new manifestation; a pause for awareness before that meaning once removed is moved once more.

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