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XX in Animation:

taking a peek at work by women

October 23, 2010 - 7:00 pm | October 24, 2010 - 11:00 am

Ottawa International Animation Festival

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada​

Gjen Snider (Jenn Snider Cruise), Guest Curator

Short animation film program

Michaela Čopíková (Slovakia), Michèle Cournoyer (Canada), Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria), Irene Fuga (Italy/UK) with Rafael Sommerhalder (Switzerland), Carla Hitz (Switzerland), Susan Justin (Canada), Laleh Khorramian (US/Iran), Song E Kim (US), Frances Leeming (Canada), Monica Rho (Canada), and Veronika Samartseva with Anna Samoylovich (Denmark)​.


Listen to the press

CBC Radio One

In Town and Out, Oct 23, 2010

Title  |  Director  |  Nationality  |  Year Format TRT
Robes Of War |  Michèle Cournoyer  | Canada  |  2008 35mm 5:14
Anna Blume  |  Vessela Dantcheva | Denmark & Belgium  | 2009 35mm 9:02
I Without End  |  Laleh Khorramian  | USA & Iran  |  2008 Digital 6:35
About Socks and Love  |  Michaela Čopikova  |  Slovakia  | 2007 35mm 7:00
Dinner Table  |  Song E. Kim  |  USA  | 2006 Digital 2:51
Stationery  | Monica Rho  | Canada  | 2004 35mm 5:20
Il Davos Capetel  |  Carla Hitz  | Switzerland |  2007 Digital 4:38
Hello Antenna  | Veronika Samartseva & Anna Samoylovich | Denmark  |  2008 Digital 4:40
Cut  | Susan Justin | Canada  | 2008 Digital 4:43
Pica  |  Irene Fuga & Rafael Sommerhalder |  UK, Italy & Switzerland |  2009 Digital 5:00
Genetic Admiration |  Frances Leeming  | Canada  |  2005 Digital 23:10

There are lots of women who make animation. Lots. Over the last five years a large collection of new work by women about women has emerged, and XX in Animation brings a selection together. These animators, including Michèle Cournoyer, Laleh Khorramian, Michaela Čopíková, Susan Justin and Frances Leeming, produce work diverse in style and approach, each contributing towards new cultural understandings by turning popular themes inside-out and taking the piss out of old assumptions about women’s lives, cares and capabilities. Challenging and intended for all, XX in Animation sets out as so many have — seeking to map out the terrain of "future woman" to better understand our lives today.

Curatorial essay for Ottawa International Animation Festival

"Yeah what She said: Empathetic innuendo in animation by women about women" <pdf>

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